Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace Something You Need to Know

Outdoor chiminea fireplace is used for hundreds of years as a source of warmth and a place to cook. One way you can do this is to invest in clay chiminea or cast iron. Typical materials are clay, which is the traditional choice, and metal, mostly cast iron and aluminum. Chiminea is a modern version of traditional Mexican outdoor fireplaces. Today you see them in many backyards as a source of warmth and as a design that adds to the charm of the terrace or garden. Imagine you want to stay warm in your backyard in a cool and starry night.

Which one you choose depends on what design fits your backyard and how much money you want to invest. You can find chimineas made of clay, aluminum and cast iron. Depending on the material used for construction, chimineas have specific advantages and disadvantages. There are several accepted spellings for a outdoor Mexican fire pit. The common spellings are: chiminea, chimenea, chimenia and chiminia.

Outdoor fireplace clay chiminea

Great Outdoor Fireplace Clay Chiminea
Great Outdoor Fireplace Clay Chiminea. Image via en.wikipedia.org

The main advantage of clay chimineas, also known as ceramic or terracotta fireplaces, is the lower price and the fact that they are usually shipped completely already assembled and ready for use at any time. Clay stores heat very effectively and is longer than metal, while not being hot, especially on the outside. Clay models, mostly very heavy, which somewhat reduce their use as portable fireplaces. Also, clay is a very brittle material, which is susceptible to developing cracks after long-term use, especially in humid climates.

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Chimine clay is easier to break than metal, especially at the bottom of a bowl-shaped fire box, where the wear is greatest from extreme heat. In rare cases, the bottom of fire pits may even fall because of the wider gap. Because moisture increases the risk of damage, clay chimineas should not be used while still wet, for example due to rain or watering. Remember that a clay chiminea is nothing but a combination of water and dirt. If you let it sit in water long enough, it will turn back into mud. Therefore, cover it during rainstorms and never let your clay fireplace sit in a pool of water.

Obviously, quality is very important in this situation and a comprehensive model comparison must always include quality inspection and manufacturing durability. Their fragility also requires more care, including protection from moisture and routine cleaning.

Beautiful Terracotta Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace
Beautiful Terracotta Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace. Image via thebackyardgnome.com

Cast iron outdoor chiminea

In general, cast iron or chiminea aluminum is more durable and sturdy than clay versions. Although they tend to be heavier than clay chiminea, they will not crack or break easily. However, cast iron chiminea require occasional maintenance. If you leave the cast iron chiminea outside long enough, it will rust. Rust is a normal occurrence in cast iron, so if you empty rust spots and paint them when rust appears, your fireplace will give you many years of enjoyment and long lasting.

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Wondrous outdoor chiminea fireplace Outdoor Chiminea Parts
Adorable Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace Outdoor Furniture Decorating. Image by consdesocial.com

Lovely outdoor chiminea fireplace Deckmate Corona Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace Review
Well Ideas of Corona Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace. Image by thebackyardgnome.com

Cast aluminum chiminea outdoor fireplace

The outdoor chiminea fireplace aluminum maintenance is relatively low, lighter than cast iron, and also rust resistant. Therefore, painting and sanding are not needed.

Outdoor Fireplace blue rooster cast aluminum chiminea with gas>Outdoor Fireplace blue rooster cast aluminum chiminea with gas
Outdoor Fireplace blue rooster cast aluminum chiminea with gas. Image by smarterbacker.com

Choosing the right outdoor chiminea materials are the steps most important to buy chiminea to verify quickly for you. Make your choice between clay, cast iron, and cast aluminum models. With a little annual care, you will have a beautiful conversation section for your patio or backyard. Also you will have a romantic and charming way to stay warm when you stare at the sky on a cold starry night.

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