How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace on a Deck

There are various ideas to build an outdoor fireplace on a deck and suggestion thought. Outdoor fireplaces are becoming more popular because people see the benefits of landscaping their yard basically increasing their living space. Fix the outdoor living area with a fireplace on the deck, not only make your page more attractive but also provide a great space for gathering friends and family.

The outdoor fireplace can make space a wonderful place to invest time on cold, cold spring, fall and winter evenings. Quite a few homeowners are installing a fireplace in the backyard or patio. The outdoor fireplace can turn the ordinary deck into something special. With patio furniture such as comfortable chairs as well as dining tables and chairs, the terrace becomes an extra living space, ideal for entertaining friends and households. View more pictures and review about outdoor fireplace on a deck design and how to build an outdoor fireplace on a wood deck which you will need for your modern home.

Modern deck fireplace ideas
Modern deck fireplace ideas. Image via

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How to build an outdoor fireplace on a deck?

The first thing you need is a piece of paper to record all your needs. You need a dimension for a new outdoor fireplace so you can order bricks. After you sketch, contact your local building center and they will be able to tell you how many bricks you need. All the tools are available at the landscaping store and the building store near you.

Tools needed to build a fireplace on the deck:
A shovel, Crushed stone or gravel, Large landscaping rocks, String, Wooden stake, Tarp, Can of spray paint, Wheelbarrow, Hand tamper, Small wooden boards, and other tools.

  • Have the bricks delivered as close as possible to your workplace (close to the deck). Pushing carts full of bricks throughout the day will not make the fireplace build faster.
  • Before you start throwing a brick to the ground, make sure you install a stone saw, shovel and mortar.
  • Keeping laying, staggering, and mortaring those bricks along the sides and back of the fireplace. By now it should start looking like an outdoor fireplace.
  • Soon you’ll have 3 walls about 3 and a half feet high. It’s time to build the roof.
  • Cut a piece of sheet metal sized to the fireplace walls. Cut a small notch slightly larger than 1 brick in the back of the sheet metal. Place the metal across the 3 walls of your fireplace with the notch facing the back.
  • Then put down another layer of bricks across the top of the sheet metal without covering the notch. You’ll need to cut the bricks to size to stack them around the notch.
  • The chimney is the trickiest part. The chimney doesn’t need to be that high, just tall enough to let the whole fireplace draft properly.
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Example of beautiful outside fireplace ideas
Example of beautiful outside fireplace ideas. Image via

How to build a fire pit on a wood deck?

You need to consider certain aspects before having a fireplace outdoors on a wood deck. Before starting this or any construction project be sure to check your local building and fire codes. The most important thing you should keep in mind is the security of your property, as well as your family when building an outdoor fireplace. Also, remember that size is important and in planning for your outside fireplace, be sure to check the size of the fire part, and then the height. Consider a larger fire box to make it more comfortable. A good outdoor fireplace burns more efficiently and cleaner than the campfire type.

The size of your outdoor fireplace depends on your choice, and the size of the area where you want to put the fireplace on the deck. In addition, the outdoor fireplace view should fit your budget. To have a perfect outdoor fireplace, it is important to have a definite plan before starting the project. Apart from your own preferences, you should also consider the safety of your family.

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You also have the option of having an outdoor fireplace made of clay. However, remember that clay fireplaces may fall, which is not a good one.

“If you go for an outdoor fireplace of clay, be sure not to put the fireplace directly on a deck made of wood or a surface easily damaged by heat without building a brick before”

It is best to place a clay fireplace on a tile or cement. It is best to place a clay fireplace on a tile or cement.

Inspiring cast iron outdoor fire pits
Inspiring cast iron outdoor fire pits. Image via

The outdoor fireplace made of cast aluminum is a popular choice due to its longer life. If you choose cast iron for your fireplace, remember that you need to maintain it regularly so as not to rust. Maintaining a cast iron fireplace may require hard work but it will ensure its good condition. Paint is occasionally also recommended to prevent rust and be sure to use high temperature paint in cast iron painting due to high heat. You can also go to a copper fireplace for a more interesting look but you should consider the fact that copper can turn green and corrode after a long time.

Fireplace Designs for Decks
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Adorable Decorating outdoor fireplace on a deck
Decorating outdoor fireplace on a

New House Ideas to build an outdoor gas fireplace deck
New House Ideas to build an outdoor gas fireplace deck. Image by

Does an outdoor fireplace need a chimney?
Most people choose a chimney type fireplace for safety and comfort because it allows good ventilation compared to the fire pit type. In addition, the chimney type is more comfortable because it prevents too much smoke. The elevated fire pit also has more chances of damage and defects.

build an outdoor fireplace on a deck with bricks
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