How Build Outdoor Fireplace and Things to Know

Looking for how build outdoor fireplace? you’ll find an awesome answer. There are several inspiration in mind when preparing to making outdoor fireplace. There are many options to imagine when looking for the best one for your house, you’ve gotten come to the suitable place.

Plans to build and install an outdoor fireplace must be according to your budget. To have a perfect outdoor fireplace, it is necessary to have a definite plan before starting the project. There are many things to consider, check also the best outdoor wood burning fireplace designs, aside from your own preferences, you must consider the safety of your family. Most people go for a chimney type fireplace for safety and comfort because it allows good ventilation compared to the type of fire pit. In addition, this type of chimney is more comfortable because it prevents too much smoke. Elevated fire pits also have more chances of damage and injury. Make an outdoor fireplace that suits your home needs. The following about how build outdoor fireplace that will be needed.

Marvelous Diy Outdoor Fireplace Kits
Marvelous Diy Outdoor Fireplace Kits. Image via

How to build outdoor fireplace step by step?

The most important thing you must remember is the safety of your property, as well as your family when building an outdoor fireplace. Remember that size is important and in planning for your outdoor fireplace, be sure to check the size of the fire section and then the height. Consider a bigger fire box to make it more comfortable to buy wood. Outdoor fireplaces are good to burn more efficiently and cleaner than the type of campfire.

Tools and materials that you might need
Fireproof bricks
Metal grate
Masonry hammer
Masonry saw
Dust mask
Wheel barrow
Rubber mallet
Wooden plank
Plumb line

Step 1. Outdoor fireplace placement

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Placement
Modern Outdoor Fireplace Placement. Image via

Location plays a vital role in the planning and design of fireplaces. The location you choose for fireplaces must be far from wooden materials, trees, plants and underground cables and wiring up cables. You need to consider certain aspects before having an outdoor fireplace.

The land where you plan to build the fireplace must be parallel. If not, then you have to equalize the soil before building an outdoor fireplace. You should also clean the location of all grasses, trees, plants and stones before you begin construction.

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Build An Outside Fireplace
Build An Outside Fireplace. Image by

Step2. Choosing the right outdoor fireplace design and plan

Wondrous Outdoor Fireplace Blueprints
Wondrous Outdoor Fireplace Blueprints. Image via

The design and plan of the outdoor fireplace must be in accordance with the location chosen and adapted to its use. If you choose an open garden, then you can design a large and spacious fireplace. If it is a patio, then you might have to limit its size based on the space available, prepare drawings fireplace.

Incredible Outdoor Fireplace Plan
Incredible Outdoor Fireplace Plan. Image via

Make sure that measurements are accurate and scale. You can design fireplaces to suit the architecture of your house. The planning and design of fireplaces must also include material needed and estimated costs. This stage of building a fireplace is the most important of all stages because all other steps will be based on your plan.

Step 3. Prepare a fire pit design
The main center of the fireplace is a fire pit. You must first start building an open fireplace with a fire pit. Stone masonry is best suited for central fire pits. Dig holes four to six inches and lines with stones or bricks. You need to fill the gravel for the bottom of the hole. You can make holes in various shapes and sizes to suit your wishes.

Outdoor Fireplaces Fire Pits and Fire Bowls
Outdoor Fireplaces Fire Pits and Fire Bowls Time to Build. Image by
Now choose the shape you like. The fire pit can be round, square or oval. To start a task, the area must be marked first before digging a one-foot-high hole. It is also suitable for digging fire pits which have a depth of only 2 to 4 inches but the bottom of the hole must be parallel. Size can be adjusted according to your design. If you want to different than the other, might be you like something like this outdoor fire pit Lowes as references.

To make the base of the fire pit, bricks can be set to prevent fuel from coming into direct contact with the earth. The bottom can also be coated using stucco, rebar or panels. The wall of the fire pit must also be fenced with a preferred coating material or brick.

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Build outdoor fireplace build marble fireplace surround
Build outdoor fireplace build marble fireplace surround. Image by

Step 4. Building the outdoor fireplace wall
Outdoor Fireplace walls made of stone or brick, for your consideration lets look this outdoor brick fireplace ideas. Start building walls according to your design. Walls must have a foundation – at least one foot. Therefore, start building a wall of one foot underground. Be careful and maintain the dimensions of the wall according to the design. Do not use chemicals for construction because the heat of the fireplace can make them emit toxic fumes. We don’t want it.

Favorable outdoor fireplace wall
Favorable outdoor fireplace wall. Image via

Now, we proceed to the next step by building an outdoor fireplace wall. It really depends on the builder to choose the height of the wall but must not exceed more than 2.5 ‘height to ensure stability. Thinking that many people will sit around the fire pit, it is ideal to have a height of 2 feet. Pit walls must be built before building and filling the hole itself. Walls must be built layer by layer, it must be ensured that each brick is installed in place before placing the next one next to it. It must be checked that each row is aligned according to the correct measurement.

When the brick wall has reached the desired height, it can be filled with more bricks and several mortars to provide a base that is raised for fire. Mortars must be given time to heal completely before lighting a fire in a fire pit. Grill must be placed on the fire if it must be used for cooking such as this inspiration of outdoor fireplace pizza oven plans, that are suit for outdoor kitchen.

Step 5. The final stage of building an outdoor fireplace

The last step in building a fireplace is to let the structure recover. You can spray water on a stone pair to cure it. This is to prevent cracks in stucco. After building an outdoor fireplace is complete, you can enjoy the warmth and excitement of having built your own fireplace, and have fun with friends and family.